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Mr. Saleh Yacoub Youssef Al-Homaizi is a businessman with a turnover of more than $21 billion per year. He is also Shareholder of KFIC (Kuwait Finance & Investment Co.), a three billion Kuwaiti dinar investment private bank in partnership with the national bank of Kuwait NBK, Alahli bank of Kuwait, Abu Dhabi bank and Gulf bank., Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Kout Food Group, and Chairman at Kuwait Finance & Investment. He is on the Board of Directors at Kuwait Cable Vision SAK, Kout Food Group KSCC, and Maison Blanc Ltd


HOMAIZI OIL COMPANY aims to meet the tremendous need for energy infrastructure by moving them from where they are plentiful to where they are most needed. We have established our excellences by aggressively capturing opportunities and by delivering ethically and professionally. With offces in 6 different locations worldwide, we aim to maximize the extent of our services. We have developed experience and infrastructure to support our transporting operations.

By providing oil and gas supplies, we have been meeting the needs of our ambitious clients and we only intend to grow our premier position as a successful energy company. We act as a partner to whole nations, to let our common interests erase any discriminatory barriers.


With an annual turn-over of $6 billion, HOMAIZI OIL COMPANY is a leading oil and gas transporting company headquartered in Kuwait. Through years of expertise in midstream energy services, HOMAIZI OIL COMPANY provides advanced energy services throughout the Kuwait, Lebanon, Dubai, Oman, Egypt, and China.


Chairman of AL Homaizi group which own Burger King and Pizza Hut outlets in Kuwait along with Kababji restaurant in London.

CEO of Kuwait Finance and investment company ( a fund management company), CEO of AL Rifai roastry.

Co-owner at Blue diamond stud owns a base for horses brought in for pre-training or undergoing rest and recuperation).

Chairman and CEO at Kout Food Group(which is part of AL Homaizi Group) and board member at Kuwait Cable Vision Company

The group is also the sole agent of IKEA in Kuwait and owns a large number of sheep farms in Australia ( the group's founder, Yacoub AL Homaizi, Saleh's father, developed a cross-breeding research unit in Australia, known as the AL Awasi Project


HOMAIZI OIL is a reputable name in the Oil & Gas Sector focused in the elds of liqued petroleum and crude oil trading. We specialize in contracting, maintenance, and distribution for works related to natural and synthetic oil and gas systems.



  • Providing Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Crude Oil systems/solutions to developers and end users involved in the energy supply chain. Such includes Supply, Installation, maintenance, repair and upgrade of gas networks.
  • Distribution of LPG/Propane to meet the supply need for more than 20,000 Residential, Commercial and Industrial end users. HOC has a large fleet of tankers with different capaci ties to assure timely and continuous supply
  • HOMAIZI OIL COMPANY provides superior services in project management that include bulk supplying, billing collection and management
  • Providing and sale of all equipment needed in gas networks.
  • Designing and optimization of various gas networks To prevail in current markets, Homaizi Oil treat strategy development as a dynamic process. We are always trying to enhance our skills sets in order to achieve our goals. At HOC, our team uses our strengths to build the steppingstones to progress and furthermore we use our diversified skills to strength our core business targets. HOC always tries to employ our strengths to gain a larger market share. Our strategy revolves around the following concepts: Strategy
  • Our team is always up to date about potential future projects and are able to create accurate predictions of the market demands and supply needs
  • Through providing effective, technologically smart, convenient and environmentally friendly solutions, HOC will be growing rapidly
  • Through rapid order and delivery procedures, HOC will become a market leader.
  • We believe teamwork is a key success factor and we highly value it
  • We enhance our corporate and marketing strategies by creating an open atmosphere where everybody is welcome to advocate thoughts.
  • We have vast knowledge of market in Kuwait and we use such information to target new opportunities


HOMAIZI OIL COMPANY is recognized and trusted by some of the industry’s major names. The countries vary from Iraq, China, and Oman. An example of our value clients.

State Organization for Marketing of Oil – SOMO

State Organization for Marketing of Oil (SOMO) is an Iraqi national company responsible for marketing Iraq's oil. It is headquartered in Baghdad, Iraq

China National Aviation Fuel Group Limited – CNAF

China National Aviation Fuel Group Corporation (CNAF) is a Chinese state-owned enterprise. It is one of the largest jet fuel suppliers in China

Oman Oil Company S.A.O.C – OOC

Oman Oil Company S.A.O.C. is a commercial company wholly owned by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman. The Company was incorporated in 1996 to pursue investment opportunities in the energy sector both inside and outside Oman.